February 2, 2015


Hey guys, it's been a month since I started writing a blog. Time flies fast, yeah? Finally it's now February, the month of LOVE. I'm kinda sad coz am not with my man on this coming Valentine's day, but it's okay because soon we will gonna meet each other and for sure there will be more important celebrations to celebrate together. But anyway, this time join me discovering more of lovely treasures in this 7-Star hotel at the heart of Borneo.

Last month I posted few things about my first visit at The Empire Hotel and Country Club, which is my most favorite spot in Brunei Darussalam. Last Saturday my uncle had booked a room for a night, but this time we have to occupy the smaller room at the Lagoon building  since there's no available slot at the executive rooms. But the room is still okay though, there's a bathtub at the spacious bathroom, and a hot and cold shower.

I woke up at 5:45 for a morning walk around the hotel. Good thing that the weather participates on my plans for that day. How fun is it to walk with nature? Not to mention, The Empire Hotel and Country Club is a forested area along the beach. The air is so fresh and clean, you can hear the birds singing, and the paths are plain so it's safe to walk even with your heels. Hehe

My single-sized bed.
A long, wide, and deep swimming pool just outside at the Lagoon building.
For guests' convenience, buggies with a very friendly driver at your service. ;)
Everywhere seems like a perfect place to connect with the universe.
The big outdoor pool.
The super relaxing jacuzzi at the outdoor pool.
And of course the main reason why I love coming back here over and over again is because of the kayak! I thought it was hard, though it was my first time to do it, I'm surprised that I kept on winning the race over my cousins and some other tourists. What's your favorite water sport so far?  :D
The kayak terminal. ^_^

I hope you like this post. Have a great day! ;)

Your Tropical Girl,

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  1. Awesome! Will definitely visit here with my family.