January 1, 2016



Cheers to the monkeys out there, it's your year!!! Anyway, every time I heard the word monkey it reminds me of the large group of wild monkeys which attacked me and my cousin while we had our morning run at Jerudong Park in Brunei last year. We were lucky because we didn't panicked and was able to think some ways how to escape from them. That was the most terrible and traumatic experience I had in 2015.

Before the new year starts, I was able to reflect and examine myself in the past years and I find it unfruitful, awful, and disappointing. Then I asked myself, Janeth why is that? And the answers that popped up in my mind were frightening.

I've been living a life full of "fear" and I don't know why... So I took my pad and pen and wrote all those traits, habits, and emotions which hinder me from being the woman that I want; the woman who have wonderful goals in life, and come up with a resolution. I am not used to writing a new year's resolution before because am thinking that it is nothing but just a piece of crap. No, not really. But to be honest with you I feel lazy of doing such kind of thing. But this time, I have dared myself to make one and promise to do the best that I can to keep this resolution as a serious personal matter.

Do you also have a new year's resolution? ;)

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